SBM Series

left: SBM/450 - right: SBM/300
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SBM Series

Elstein SBM rod heaters are dark ceramic infrared heaters with surface ratings of up to 36.0 kW/ m².

SBM radiators have been developed for use in infrared saunas and due to their long-wave infrared radiation gently and pleasantly warm the human body.

Furthermore, SBM rod heaters can also be used for other heating tasks. Due to their long oval design, they are particularly suitable for linear heating or for space-saving installations, if low installed heights have to be achieved.

SBM Series heaters can be installed in any position. The power can be adjusted using a proprietary dimmer.

Elstein SBM rod heaters are available in two designs and cover the power range from 200 W to 400 W.

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