Since 1978 and through out the years, C.S Machinery had developed its machinery into two different plastic package industry categories.

One of the categories is PP/HDPE woven bag (fabric) industry, CS is specialized in PP/HDPE woven bag circular loom innovation, and a manufacturer and exporter, till today became the supplier of PP/HDPE woven bag industry whole plant equipment, and had developed world wide sales network. Although there are several different manufacturing methods for each different weaving fabric apart from general woven bags, still CS machines designed to meet the manufacturing requirements of cement bag, jumbo bag, big bag, tarpaulin, industrial fabric, etc. Please surf more of this website for further discussion.


The second category is plastic sheet or plate extrusion line for thermoforming, food package, cups, electronic components package/tray, advertisement, 3D lenticular technology, etc. With 18 years of own PP/ HIPS sheet extrusion (branch factory in Vietnam) and 8 years of PET sheet manufacturing experience (branch factory in Shanghai) CS company understood and studied many types of plastic raw materials, and has its own manufacturing experience and know how on actual product of different sheets, strong technical and RD group ensure your fast return of investment on equipments.


Moreover, CS company also dedicated, developed and sold machines which are earth friendly, for example, CS company has a sheet extrusion line designed for raw material PLA to manufacture into PLA sheets before thermoforming into cups etc. Save energy and lower the cost is one of the main advantages and another reason that customers invested CS machines, and then meet the requirements in the market.


If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for packaging a great variety of goods with high-speed, stability and guaranteed excellent performance, you needn't look any further than the CS Machines. The CS machines is designed and fabricated to ensure high productivity while maintaining uniform thickness/quality- a real profit generator for today's industry. Contact us now!!