Air Cooled Chiller

Skillfully engineered environment friendly chiller, industrial water chiller, screw type chiller, low temperature chiller, oil chiller, laser chiller,heating and cooling chiller,special chiller designed for PCB industry and electro-plating industry, mold temperature controllers, cooling towers and pump/reservoirs, we provide customers with a wide range of process cooling solutions from our standard models to integrated, customized systems. HERO-TECH sales engineers are ready to assist you with all your process cooling requirements.

A cornerstone of Hero-Tech philosophy of excellence is providing sales assistance to customers. We always spend the time learning and understanding our customer's needs so that we can offer the best and most flexible options for their individual application, then to provide the highest quality, most durable equipment at very competitive prices.

After the sale, Hero-Tech offers fast, friendly and efficient customer service answers to equipment maintenance and service questions.

Hero-Tech does considerable OEM volume with customized compatibility to match other machine manufacturer's needs. This includes customers who design and build the following machinery, Plastics (injection, blow molding, extrusion, film extrusion, thermoforming) machinery, Industrial laser machinery, Water jet Paper (manufacture, printing, cardboard, labels, plastic film) machinery, Chemical (petrochemical, paints, solvents, temperature control) machinery, Medical (imaging and oncology) machinery, Mechanical (welding, cutting, profiling, polishing, rolling, grinding) machinery, Other (wood, ceramics, gold & silver, biogas pharmaceutical, compressed air, textile) machinery.