CMT USA (Plug Assist)

Manufactures and supplies a complete line of high quality, innovative tooling materials used in the thermoforming industry.  

  • Machine builders rely on HYTAC materials to ensure their machines and tools provide years of flawless performance.The HYTAC® Plug Assist family of products is the world's leading choice of plug materials for use with thin and heavy gauge materials.  Thermoset and thermoplastic syntactic plug assist materials, along with unique solid polymers and custom designs for the heavy gauge industry are available to meet the needs of a wide variety of temperature, application, plastic choice and part clarity requirements. Properly selected, the right plug material and design improve material distribution, part clarity, machining effort, and overall product quality.

  • HYVAC_Fixture_Material.jpgCMT's HYVAC® fixturing system creates a fast and economical way to hold contoured parts in place during a trimming or assembly operation. Vacuum may be pulled directly through the material to provide an effective hold down fixture that may be installed on an automated or manual router system.  It is also gaining popularity as a quick and easy-to-use system for creation of go/no-go QC fixtures to check formed part sizing. 

  • RENSHAPE® tooling and prototype boards provide a quick and cost effective alternative to metal molds for mock-ups, prototype development and short run production needs. A variety of board materials are available to accommodate specific forming applications considering factors such as surface quality, ease in machining, tool durability, and forming temperature.

  • METAPOR® Air Permable Mold Materials have a micro-porous aluminum or ceramic granule structure and are air-permeable over the entire surface. In contrast to sintered materials, the pores are not closed off after machining. Because micro-vents are an integral part of the complete surface, there is no need to design and manufacture complex venting systems or drill vacuum holes in tooling. 

  • Machining Tools. The unique composition of HYTAC® syntactic foam, METAPOR® air permeable materials and RenShape® toolboard requires appropriate tools and machining techniques to achieve the best surface quality and product performance. Test results performed at Onsrud tooling labs and by a variety of CMT customers have shown excellent results using the tools, feed rates, chip load and depth of cut information now available from CMT. CNC milling and turning tools are now available directly from CMT.

  • HYTAC Inserts are a great way to attach plugs to bases, bond or repair damaged plugs, toolboard or porous tooling.


CMT expertise in the pioneering, development and use of syntactic plug assist materials for thermoforming assures customers of cost effective solutions for all levels of requirements. From entry level syntactic plug assists commonly used to replace wood, felt, nylon or acetal plugs to PTFE impregnated syntactics to ultra-rugged thermoplastic syntactic for abusive environments, CMT Materials has the solution. 

CMT offers custom casting and cutting services to customers and continues to work with plastic suppliers, university research centers and software simulation companies to develop products that meet and advance the needs of the thermoforming industry.

HYTAC® Product Data Sheets:

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REN Shape® Product Data Sheets

REN Shape 450 REN Shape 5008
REN Shape 460 REN Shape 472
REN Shape 5169 CTB 44 Composite Toolboard


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