MAGUIRE Gravi Blender

The Most Popular Blender Worldwide

Plastics processors all over the world are choosing Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders as their Gravimetric Blender of choice over all others. Over 40,000 Maguire Weigh Scale Blenders have been installed worldwide (as of October 2010) . Over 100 models are available to blend up to twelve components at rates up to 8,000 lbs/hr - 3,600 kg/hr. Maguire Products provides the most cost-effective Weigh Scale Blenders available.

The Maguire LPD: A revolution in resin drying.

The Maguire Low Pressure Dryer (LPD) is a revolutionary device that uses vacuum to accelerate the resin drying process. The use of vacuum provides many process and cost benefits compared to conventional drying technology. Maguire Products did not invent the science of low pressure (vacuum) drying. In fact vacuum drying has been used in the manufacturing process of plastic resins, chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals for many years. But, Maguire Products is the first to bring this technology to the plastics industry in a package that is affordable, reliable and simple to operate.

You Can Avoid Yield and Productivity Losses by Installing LineMaster™ on Your Existing Extrusion Lines

The Maguire LineMaster system is simple to operate and cost effective. It works perfectly with all types of extrusion processes to ensure a uniform, quality product. From mono-layer, single extruder lines to multi layer co-extrusion lines, LineMaster provides a solution that is both simple and cost effective.

Maguire offers gravimetric and volumetric feeders at very competitive prices

Maguire auger feeders are rugged devices designed to accurately meter precise quantities of masterbatch or additive into the main flow of natural material as it enters the throat of the process machine.  Maguire offers gravimetric and volumetric feeders at very competitive prices.

Maguire offers a variety of loading devices for plastics processors.

The Clear-Vu™ Loading System from Maguire Products provides the benefits of a central system with the added convenience of portability and low maintenance.

Maguire has been serving liquid color users since 1977

The patented Maguire peristaltic pumps are designed to accurately meter precise amounts of liquid color into the main flow of natural material directly above the throat of your process machine. Metering is accomplished by the compression and release of a flexible pumping tube by six hardened dowel pins that rotate within a Celcon® housing.

Simple Two-Stage Recovery of Material from Purgings

A low cost alternative to conventional size reduction equipment. Transforms purgings into high-quality regrind but costs substantially less than conventional equipment.

Empties gaylords or octobins without human intervention

The Sweeper system is designed to automatically remove material from a gaylord or octobin type container without the need for human intervention. The whole system is very portable and can be easily transported from one location to another.

Maguire Puts You In Control

Maguire controls are available in two types of software: Four component and Twelve component. Four component software is designed for a conventional mix of na tural, regrind and up to two additives. Twelve component software allows complete flexibility for any conceivable blend.

Access Platforms

Safely extend the reach and height of personnel and improve access to process machine mounted equipment such as blenders, hoppers or loaders. Access elevated work areas, and other hard to reach items with Maguire's sturdy, dependable Access Platforms.