Extrusion Control


LineMaster™ Extrusion Control


LineMaster™ Extrusion Control elevates extrusion yield control to a new level of simplicity and accuracy enabling processors to:
• Enhance product consistency
• Save on raw material
• Shorten setup times
• Reduce scrap


LineMaster technology makes advanced yield control available without the need for large, complex, and costly hardware systems such as Loss-in-Weight blenders. It is now possible to achieve consistent accuracy in material consumption and product quality using nothing more elaborate than the Maguire® Weigh Scale Blender and/or a LIW (Loss-In-Weight) hopper and a flexible, intuitive control system. The simplicity, ease of use, and low cost of this blending system have made it by far the most widely used blender in the world. It’s precision and reliability also make it eminently suitable for governing the entire extrusion process with unvarying accuracy. Until the advent of LineMaster technology, the vast middle ground of extrusion processors have had to choose between cumbersome and costly Loss-in-Weight yield control systems or very basic forms of extrusion control. Now, any extrusion processor armed with LineMaster Extrusion Control can lock in desired product yields via simple connections between a standard Maguire blender and the extruder screw and/or take-off speed controls. Once set up, this system quickly establishes control over the amount of material per length of product, without need for prolonged setups in which operators must manually optimize speed settings.

Extruder production is effectively maintained by one of 4 methods:

  • Throughput Control – Model XC-1. Controls throughput by monitoring the material consumption of the process and adjusting the extruder speed to maintain desired throughput.
  • Weight per Length Control Via Extruder Drive – Model XC-2X. Maintains product yield by adjusting extruder speed.
  • Weight per Length Control Via Take-off Drive – Model XC-2T. Maintains product yield by adjusting take-off speed.
  • Weight per Length Control of Both Extruder and Take-off Drives – Model XC-3. Provides complete, multi-layer, weight per length control via simultaneous control of the extruder and take-off speed.

LineMaster control options include throughput control for either:

  • Pounds or kilograms/hour.
  • Weight per length control in pounds/foot or grams/meter.
  • Gauge control in microns (calculated gauge).


LineMaster™ Core Functions and Benefits

Reduction in Materials Consumption

—average 4% material savings based on
hundreds of installations

LineMaster automatically regulates the drive
speeds of an extrusion line to ensure the correct
amount of material is used, and excess waste
is eliminated.

Improved Product Consistency
and Quality

—automatic control and regulation

The LineMaster system regulates drive outputs
ensuring that the actual output meets target by
regulating the extruder drive or take-off drive to the
target required – maintaining consistent product
specification and quality.

Faster Start-up Time

—for extrusion line setup and

As soon an extrusion line is strung up, an operator
can switch from manual start-up to automatic
control and set the required output – without any
need for further operator involvement, saving
considerable time.

Reduce Scrap Level due to faster
start-up time

The amount of scrap and off spec product is
dramatically reduced by quickly switching to
automatic production mode.

Simple and Easy Control for Operators

—no extensive training required

Control options and product parameters are
reduced to one key point of control – the operator
simply enters the target required with no need to
manage other process variables.

Change Jobs Quickly

—increasing production time

Switch quickly from one production order to
another with direct online control – increasing
production and profits.

Documentation of Production Runs

—improves cost control and

LineMaster totalizes lb/h or kg/h data – allowing
users to track material usage, production output
and plan job changeovers, assisting quality and
cost control.


Maguire G2 software can be connected to LineMaster
to generate reports on material consumption, while
controlling performance and production lines remotely, for
XC-1 and XC-2 applications and is an integral part of the
XC-3 extrusion multi-layer line.


For a more in-depth overview of Maguire LineMaster™ including Core Components,
the G2 Software and How it Works, please review this product brochure: