Purging Recovery

Purging Recovery

Purging Recovery
A low cost alternative to conventional size reduction equipment. Transforms purgings into high-quality regrind but costs substantially less than conventional equipment.

Until now, size-reduction of purgings has meant buying a massive, heavy-duty granulator, using a shredder in combination with a standard granulator, or cutting the parts with a saw before granulation. These are all expensive and sometimes dangerous options.. The Purging Recovery System efficiently reduces purgings into high quality regrind in two simple stages, contained in one compact piece of machinery.

Standard Features

  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic drive system (patent pending)
    Air-over-hydraulic shock absorbing drive system prevents jams
  • Small footprint
    Compared to conventional heavy-duty granulators
  • Easy access containment chamber
    For easy loading of bulky parts
  • Improved access to the second stage
    Allows fast clean-out when changing materials or colors
  • Re-designed hold-down plate
    Provides easier access to the containment chamber
  • Operator safety
    Fully interlocked and meets OSHA requirements
  • Pneumatically operated follower plate inside the containment chamber
    Keeps purgings in contact with the rotor knives
  • Simple operation
    Operator simply places purgings in containment chamber, activates the system and continues with other duties
  • Increased throughput
    Is provided by a 1 HP blower at the discharge of the granulator
  • Reduced fines
    1 HP blower efficiently evacuates the 2nd stage granulate
  • Quiet Operation
    Effective sound enclosure and shock absorbing drive system keeps noise at acceptable levels.

How the Maguire Purging Recovery System Works

  • In the first stage a chamber filled with purgings moves back and forth over a 2-level platform. Mounted between the upper and lower level of the platform is a high-speed 8-knife rotor. As the chamber moves from the lower level toward the upper level the rotor literally planes one inch off the bottom of the purgings. The resulting chips are propelled down into the second stage.
  • The second stage performs the final size reduction. A rotary granulator is positioned directly below the planer and produces uniform granulate suitable for immediate processing.

Operation Sequence

  • The operator loads purgings into a containment chamber that is parked in an easy-to-reach location.
  • Upon push button activation by the operator, the containment chamber shuttles on rails toward the upper table level.
  • The purgings are fed into the rotor knives and the bottom one inch is planed off producing small chips.
  • As the containment chamber shuttles back and forth across the rotor, the chips produced by the rotor knife are propelled downward into the cutting chamber of the second stage radial granulator.
  • The cycling continues until the cycle timer elapses and a strobe light is activated indicating it is time to re-load the containment chamber.
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 39" x 76" x 78"
Containment Chamber 20"x30"x16"
Shuttle Drive Pneumatic driven w/ hydraulic resistance sensor
1st stage planing rotor 5 HP, belt-drive - 8 knife, staggered
2nd stage rotor drive 5 HP, 1750 rpm direct drive, 480V/3ph
Controls Interlocked, sequenced control