G2 Communications

G2 Communications

G2 Communications
Maguire controls are available in two types of software: Four component and Twelve component. Four component software is designed for a conventional mix of natural, regrind and up to two additives. Twelve component software allows complete flexibility for any conceivable blend.
Both versions of software share many special standard features:
  • Settings entered directly; no programming required.
  • Settings may be locked-in to limit operator access
  • Upper limits may be placed on settings.
  • Two-level password allows access to change machine parameters.
  • Printer port allows documentation of blend accuracy, blend content and/or material usage.
  • Hundreds of pre-programmed custom applications are included.
  • Plus many additional features.
Control your productivity through advanced materials management:

Gravimetric Gateway™ Networking Software

In any plastic processing facility gravimetric blenders play a unique role. They control and measure the exact weight of each material component as it enters the process. Gravimetric Gateway, available as an option, is a networking software package that allows plastic processors to utilize this information to its fullest potential.

Take a test drive:

Gravimetric Gateway can be tested in demo mode free of charge. Download G2 Demo

Key Gravimetric Gateway (G2) Features:

  • Material Usage Reports
    Usage reports can be generated based on many combinations of criteria such as time, date, blender ID number, part number, work order number, operator number, recipe number, material type, etc.
  • Alarm Functions
    G2 detects any alarm in the network and reports the location and description of the alarm.
  • Ability to Download/Update Recipes
    G2 users can download recipes to be certain that the correct recipes are runni9ng on the proper machines. Recipe settings may be update from a remote location according to part number, work order number, operator number, recipe number, etc.
  • Security
    Extensive security functions are provided to selectively limit access to recipes and blender operation. There are 3 classes of user password security with predefined templates: Administrator, Supervisor, and Operator. Each user's privileges may be further refined by adjusting over 30 different security fields.
  • Advanced Inventory Management Programs
    Inventory levels can be monitored, and reorder points can be flagged to notify purchasing when low levels are reached. In addition, a material accounting record allows entry of material cost to track inventory value on a real-time basis.
  • Instant Access To Maintenance Updates and Upgrades
    Software updates and upgrades are immediately available over the internet.
    Go where new programs or maintenance updates may be downloaded directly to the user's system.
  • Multilingual Versions
    G2 is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch.
  • Multiplant Networking
    G2 technology expands the potential for multiplant and even multinational networking.