F Series Injection Molding Machine For Nylon Ribbon

Product Name£º FV-288 F-series injection molding machine for nylon ribbon
Product Type£º FV-288
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Product Information£º

1. The optimized toggle clamping design for the Nylon Ribbon mould, will reduce the opening stroke and shorten the time of opening & clamping 
2.The special design of long platen is used for the Nylon Ribbon mould 
3.Strengthen parts such as mould plate, frame, toggle, make the whole machine more rigid and more durable. 
4.Special design screw & barrel for PA, makes good effect of plasticizing and melting speed, and this design can exhaust the water and air, ensure the quality of the machine. 
5.Upgraded hydraulic system, ensures the injection speed faster, and shortens the cycle time¡£ 


Remarks:According to upgrading of machine, we will change techical parameters, configuration of some parts and service¡¯s items without further notice.