FB Series Fruit Basket Injection Molding Machine

Product Name£º FB400-V2 Fruit basket injection molding machine
Product Type£º FB400-V2
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1. Special PP screw & barrel, that makes good plasticizing effect, faster charging, is suitable for large shot volume; 
2. Upgraded hydraulic system can make shot speed faster and production cycle shorter. 

Clamping Unit

¡¤Five pivots hyperbolic toggle clamping mechanism has characteristics with fast opening and closing , stable and energy saving through the optimized design.
¡¤With Differential high speed mould locking function, it can effectively shorten the molding cycle time and improve the work efficiency of the machine.
¡¤The mould plate adopts the finite element technology on structure auxiliary analysis, that makes the mould plate structure more reasonable, strength and resistance to fatigue better, extending service life; 
¡¤High rigidity antifraying tie bars plated with hard chromium has advantages of high precision, high strength, high strength and long life. 
¡¤Reliable low pressure protection function greatly prolongs the service life of the mould. 
¡¤The clamping and ejecting stroke of the mould are controlled by high precision electronic sensor, the setting precision can achieve + / - 0.1 mm. Low pressure protection and ejector stroke set get more directly and simply. 
¡¤The protection devices of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical ensure that the operating personnel is safety, and fully embody enterprise culture with human-oriented. (Note: Size above BJ400 machine, the hydraulic safety protection device is the standard configuration.) 
¡¤To control lubrication system automatically according to how many times to open and close the mould, the automatic quantitative lubrication system can guarantee the clamping machine more stable, reliable, and longer life. 
¡¤Hydraulic motor with gear adjustable system, makes mold adjustment more reasonable and perfect.  

Injection Unit

¡¤High efficient separation type screw, high mixing screw and all kinds of special screws, improve the applicable scope of the material and guarantee molten material uniform and measurement stability. 
¡¤Duplex balanced injecting device provides higher injection pressure, makes the unit more simple and stable, lowers the failure rate. It is more convenient to maintain and save space meanwhile. 
¡¤Machines above BJ288 with double injection shift cylinder accept the stress more reasonable and effectively prevent the nozzle deviation, avoid material leakage. 

Features of hydraulic system

¡¤High precision computer control PLC is combined together perfectly with high efficiency and energy saving proportion plunger type variable pump, saves electricity to 25 ©‡ - 50 ©‡, the economic benefits and social benefits are double increased. At the same time it can lower the oil temperature and less cooling water consumption and prolong the service life of hydraulic components, reduce the failure rate, save the maintenance cost. 
¡¤High precision returned oil filter can effectively prevent hydraulic oil pollution and deterioration with effect of NAS - level 7, full flow oil filter. Therefore, there is no need to change oil, which not only saves the cost for customers , but also ensures the hydraulic system running more smoothly and the sealing parts working longer. 
¡¤Imported high-grade hydraulic components fitting with differential oil circuit design guarantee rapid, stable, low noise of the mould clamping. It can shorten the molding cycle time and improve the production efficiency. 
¡¤The oil circuit system is designed with mass flow and plug-in valve , which not only ensures that the system has rapid response and small impact, but also reduces the oil pressure loss. 
¡¤Spiral guide cooler in high thermal efficiency and low pressure loss ensure the stable operation of hydraulic system, improve the repetition accuracy and the product yield. 
¡¤The screw is driven by Low speed and high torque hydraulic motor, which can meet the plasticizing requirements of various raw materials. 

Electric Controller

¡¤High performance of switching power supply can normally work with operating voltage from 160v to 280v , which can be adapted for all kinds of bad power environment; 
¡¤Using high pixel (800 x 480) large capacity TFT true color display, it makes the display content more rich, the process adjustment more intuitive , the operating more simple and the function more perfect. It also can simulate machine action. 
¡¤High-speed CPU with increased capacity storage not only meets the requirements of the process control system, but also can use graphic to record complete injection process, make the injection process control to be more convenient. 
¡¤Large capacity storage make monitoring, alarm, mould parameters store capacity multiplication, can store 200 sets of mould injection data, can record 200 constitutive monitoring data and 200 times alarm information. Mold data can choose copy or clear freely. At the same time, it still can use SD card to read and store the mould data, that is more conducive to mass production management. 
¡¤Equipped with internet communication port, injection molding machine can be realized network management, can be real-time monitoring factory production status and the working condition of injection molding machine, to realize the factory automation production. 
¡¤Perfect automatic monitoring and a large number of internal parameters, can assist you to adjust machine¡¯s every movement to the best condition. 
¡¤Six sections injection speed, pressure and three sections of holding pressure, speed control, can satisfy all sorts of complex products process conditions. 
¡¤Three sections of the charging speed, pressure control, ensure the plasticizing more uniformity, faster and more stable measurement. 
¡¤Rapid temperature control system, using FUZZY control mode, has the faster warming, high precision characteristics, temperature control accuracy reach to ¡À1 ¡æ in static time. At the same time it provides high low temperature deviation alarm and thermocouple bolt check out. 
¡¤Function to prevent cold material start-up. 
¡¤Mold locking, injection and ejector stroke use high precision electronic sensor to control the position, the setting accuracy in +/- 0.1 mm. 
¡¤Supported with ejector stay, thimble shock and multiple ejector function. the speed and pressure of thimble forward/backward can be divided into two stage control. 
¡¤Forming number setted with automatic stop, which is more convenient for production management. 
¡¤Defective products monitoring: when machine operates in automatic mode , the computer will be for each cycle injection monitoring, to judge product and machine normal or not. 
¡¤Automatic Adjustment Mode : can direct input clamping pressure, the mold thickness will be adjusted by computer automatically, that makes the clamping force to be in accord with high clamping pressure. 
¡¤Data setting lock prevents improper personnel change. 

Features of lubrication system

¡¤Major friction parts are equipped with lubrication points. Central oil supply system is used for hinges. Electric lubricant pump controlled by computer sends automatically lubricating oil (grease) to lubrication points. Lubrication is simple and high efficient. 
¡¤Intelligent volumetric centralized lubricating system, controlled by computer, sends quantitatively lubricating oil (grease) to wearing points, and guarantees that the key carrying surfaces are lubricated reliably. The repair is visual, convenient and fast. The service life of the machine is longer. 

Standard devices
1 . Injection system 
. Nitriding alloy steel screw charging barrel  
. Standard injection nozzle  
. Double cylinder balance injection unit  
. Mobile hopper  
. Anti-cold start-up of screw  
. Automatic dislodging function  
. Anti flow casting function  
. Multistage charging barrel PID temperature control (4-7stages)  
. Automatic inspection on material molten and material injection fault 
. Precision electronic meter control on material injection/molten stroke 
2 . Mould locking device  
. Precision electronic meter control mould locking / thimble travel 
. Mould locking three plates / Mould plate & toggle adopt high rigid nodular cast iron.  
. Two stages ejector forward / backward movement controlled by computer 
. Mould low pressure protection function 
. Hydraulic mould adjusting device 
3 . Hydraulic system 
. High performance proportional variable pump system 
. Molten material back pressure adjusting device 
. Full flow precision return oil filter 
. Automatic adjustment of system pressure and flow 
4 . Control system 
. Input / output viewing function 
. Setting function of automatic temperature retaining and heating 
. Time / position / pressue, three conversion modes
. Independent adjustment on slope of each movement 
. Two-sets of hydraulic core pull / un-screwing mould release
5 . Accessory 
. Operation manual 
. Tool box 
. Spare parts

Optional configuration
1 . Injectian system 
. Long injection nozzle (Extended by25 / 50 / 100mm )  
. Special screw & Barrel 
. Hopper dryer 
. Charging barrel air blowing device 
. Injection nozzle protective cover 
. Self-locking injection nozzle 
2 . Mould locking system 
. Enlarged mould capacity by 50/100mm 
. Super large ejector stroke  
. Mould hoisting carrier 
. Mould heat insulating plates 
. Special mould location ring 
. Pneumatic safety door 
3 . Hydraulic system 
. Hydraulic core pull / un-screwing mould release device 
. Hydraulic safety protection 
. Independent oil temperature control system 
. Sensitive servo injection system 
. Closed-loop control variable pump system 
. Nitrogen material injection device
. Melt proportional back pressure control
4 . Control system  
. Electric un-screwing mould release device 
. Multiple-unit mold air blowing devices  
. Electric rotating mould release dynamic interface 
. Change power supply voltage

Major components configuration

Service and support
£®12 months free of charge warranty service on complete machine and parts ( wearing parts not included ) and 5 years for the 3 mould platens 
£®Provide consultant on product and technology before sales
£®Provide special engineering design according to customer requirements
£®Assist customer to design factory layout, water and electricity facilities layout
£®Test running & training free of charge 
£®Maintenance service in 24 hours
£®Product upgrading and reconstructing services
£®Training on product maintenance 
£®Value added service on upgrading plastic parts quality 
£®Other services

£®Theory injection capacity = screw diameter2¡Á¦Ð/4¡Áscrew travel
£®Actual injection capacity is the maximal weight of polystyrene ( PS ) raw material injected to air. 
£®When UPVC, PC, PMMA, PA and other engineering plastic material are used, please let us know. When you need modifying parameters and functions of the machine, please let us know also.
£®According to demand of machine upgrade, we will change technical parameters, configuration of some parts and service¡¯s items without prior notice. 
£®Photos are for reference only. If there is any difference with actual products purchased, the real products are final.
£®In normal condition six months warrantee for barrel & screw; But using caustic or any recycling material is not guaranteed.