JE Series Full Electric Injection Molding Machine

Product Name£º JE-110 JE-series full-electric injection molding machine
Product Type£º JE-110
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Product Information£º
Suitable for precision injection molding product

Mold Clamping structure
High circle speed, high precision, high rigidity, and high durability
High control precision of servo motor torque, and rigid connection of the ball screw and clamping system, correspondingly improve the mold opening/closing speed and position accuracy, and ensure an accurately platen moving thrust, and displacement deviation generated by platen movement inertia is under controlled, and the reliability and response accuracy of the action of low pressure mold protection is greatly improved. Safe security of using precision mold becomes better.

Injection System
High injection speed, high stability, high sensitivity, and high durability
Adopting four-column-frame structure and guided by four guide posts, the screw has an evenly balanced force during the process of injection, thus achieving steady injection molding.

Speed faster
By using synchronous movement, circle time is greatly shortened, thus easily realizing high efficiency production.

Synchronous belt structure

Quality improved
High rigid power unit, high response servo motor, superior injection response and holding force, ensure the quality and consistency of products.

Durable ball screw

Sensitive electric control section

Low energy consumption

Clean environment

Program for Compression Molding

The compression cycle can be performed by easy programming. It¡¯s possible to freely programme the mold movements to synchronize with the injection movements.
This belongs to the low pressure molding technology category. It has the effect to improve the internal stress characteristic property for plastic product, reduce distortion, improve the product surface. With this control, the demand of injection force and clamp force parameters are truly optimized. It not only reduces the cost of equipment, but also greatly extends the equipment life time.


Remarks:According to upgrading of machine, we will change techical parameters, configuration of some parts and service¡¯s items without further notice.