LD Series Automatic Injection Molding Machine

Product Name£ºLD-18V1 LD-series automatic injection molding machine

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Along with the increasing demand of the quality on packaging containers for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and high-grade daily necessities, the automatic injection & stretch blow molding technology is adapted to the needs of the market. By using this technology, the product is finished in one step from preform injection, forming by stretch & blow, to ejection. The production is of no flash, no deflashing material, avoiding double pollution, and the products have good quality on appearance, smooth mouth and excellent sealing. The technology has the advantages of realizing light weight on production process, with high speed, high efficiency, and energy saving etc...

Automatic Injection & Stretch Blow Molding Machine
¡ª¡ªOne Step Container Forming Solution Expert

Environmental protection
to reduce the work on operation, packaging, handling and storage, and cut down energy consumption, and with compact structure to occupy less space;

one step on product forming to avoid more pollution; 

by using one step on forming to reach a minimum rate of defective products;

Good forming
precise positioning on bottle mouth, light weight on bottles, better parting line; adapting to abnormal shapes and high quality requirements on appearance.
Working principle
Adopting vertical rotating mechanism, and with four stations equidistributed on the rotary table, which are injection, temperature adjusting, stretch & blow, and releasing. Four process of preform injection, temperature adjusting on preform, forming by stretch & blow, and releasing are finished at the same time. No additional process needed and one-step injection stretch blow molding is realized.

Servo motor positioning system

The rotary table mechanism adopts servo motor control system with high precision. Rotary table is sensitive and of accurate positioning.

Energy saving power system
Adopts energy-saving variable pump or servo motor system and saves the electricity consumption up to 30%-60%.

Compressor air system
Recycles the used high pressure air during bottle blow molding and reduces air consumption. (Optional)

Standard hot runner system
No replacement of hot runner system when mold changing which reduces the mold cost.


Remarks:According to upgrading of machine, we will change techical parameters, configuration of some parts and service¡¯s items without further notice.