PE Series Special IMM For Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Socket

Product Name£º PE5000-V2 PE-series special IMM for double-wall corrugated pipe socket
Product Type£º PE5000-V2
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1. Stable molding of the machine and mechanically stability of the products. 
2. Easily connected with the existing corrugated pipe extrusion line for production. 
3. Energy-saving variable pump hydraulic system. 
4. Improving the output capacity of the corrugated pipe extrusion line. 
5. Convenient and easy adjustment of the parameter. 
6. Compatible with different diameters and different raw materials of the corrugated pipe. 
7. Patented new clamping mechanism and core pulling mechanism, more suitable for the socket molding. 
8. No limitation of the length of the corrugated pipe for socket production. 
9. Convenient to meet the customized demands by replacing the mold. 


Remarks:According to upgrading of machine, we will change techical parameters, configuration of some parts and service¡¯s items without further notice.

Production Instance:

  HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe socket, Cycle time: 300S, Weight: 2700g
1. Can be connected with corrugated pipe extrusion line to reach automatic production conveniently. 
2. Suitable for PP and PE double wall corrugated pipe socket production. 
3. Reliable and mechanically stable connection between socket and pipe with nice appearance. 
4. Stable dimension tolerance of the socket, even if exposed at any temperature in the natural environment. 
5. Convenient to replace the mold of different sockets. 
6. Saving stock space. 
7. Saving connection cost, no need a seal ring in connection installation.

Video link in the production process£º