CFD Series

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The machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of containers like plastic cup of bowl by filling liquid or cream material as jelly,milk ice-cream,fruit jam,etc.The machine is controlled by PLC.Position Guiding Device used for film-cutting,so the cutting-edge is beautiful looking. The machine is full automatic processing of Cup-feeding, Filling,sealing&cutting.It has equipment of sensors to ensure the right sealing of the foil-picture.
There are many models in this series able to satisfy with the dirrerent kinds of containers.The machine is all made of stainless steel.We also can meke special ones according to customer’s requirement.Asthe machine completed with date-code printer, coconut material filled.
ModelãããRangeããããCapacityãã ããPowerããããDimensionãããã ï¼·eight
CFD-3 ã 400g.max.   1800~2300pcs/hr     5KW     3400×900×1800mm    1500kg
CFD-6 ã 200g.max.   5000~6000pcs/hr     6KW     3400×1100×1800mm   1800kg
CFD-8 ã 100g.max.   6000~8000pcs/hr     9KW     3400×1200×1800mm   2000kg
CFD-10   30g.max.    10000~12000pcs/hr   6KW     3400×1000×1800mm   2200kg
CFD-16   250g.max.   10000~12000pcs/hr   11KW    3400×1100×1800mm   2500kg
CFD-24   20g.max.    22000~28000pcs/