RFS Series

top left: RFS/125 - top right: RFS/100 - bottom left: RFS/125 back side - bottom right: RFS/100 back side
Frame Sizes


RFS Series

Elstein RFS round panel heaters are ceramic infrared heaters with round design and can be used for operating temperatures up to 700 °C and surface ratings up to 46 kW/ m².

Heaters of the RFS Series are used for example in small thermoform devices of dental technique. Such devices are used for manufacturing dental prostheses.

The round design enables additionally an optimal heating of corresponding materials to be heated like the bottom of bottles.

Heaters of the RFS Series are available in two sizes: RFS/100 with a diameter of 100 mm and RFS/125 with 125 mm.

Elstein RFS Series heaters cover the power range of 150 W to 500 W with these two designs.

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