Product Description

• Brand-New Design, and patent issued internationally.
• This design is a consistent operation system from flat cloth with printing, forming, pasting, and cutting-sewing.
• Auto-changing cloth system but non-stop machine. Deactivate time world be shorter.
• Tension accuracy adjusting sysytem, accurate printing and lenth-cutting control.
• Effcient production, high quality status, and user friendly operation.
• Labor saving and cost down.

Technical Data
Diameter of Unwinding Cloth :1200 mm Maximum
Width of Unwinding Cloth :860-1270 mm Applicable
Printing Length :500-1250 mm
Production Output :Max. 45pcs/ Minute
Tube Width (W)(flat tube) :410-635 mm
Tube Width (W)(gusset tube) :410-635 mm
Gusset Width(GW) :Max. 130 mm

Standard Equipment
Auto- changing cloth system but non- stop machine
Supply Cloth Stand - Powder brake auto tension systen
Ink Roll Motor
3 Color
Hitachi Auto Hanger
Inline Forming - Pasting And Gussetting Device
Cutting Knife Unit
Sewing Machine
Delivery And Stack Device