Modular, self-contained loaders provide vacuum transfer of plastic pellets and regrind to hoppers and bins.

Standard Features:

  • Full View of Loading for Easy Setup & Monitoring
    Clear borosilicate glass center section.
  • Built-in Microprocessor Control
    Includes load time, no-load alarm, alarm light and silencer.
  • Easy Access and Cleaning
    Hinged, slanted top.
  • Flawless Evacuation
    Positive sealing, pneumatic, angled, bridge-breaking discharge with no cone - assures fast evacuation.
  • Convenient Installation
    Inlet rotates 360º
  • Nothing Protrudes Below Flat Bottom
    No fragile parts to be damaged and no protrusions into hopper/bin.
  • PLUS:
    • Positive sealing, pneumatic discharge valve
    • Tangential loading provides mechanical air separation
    • Convenient carrying handle
    • Powerful blowback minimizes filter clogging
    • Infrared sensor below the slide gate signals demand
    • Durable reinforced dacron disc filter with molded edge
    • Cylindrical segments easily changed if necessary
    • 5-Year warranty

How It Works

GlassVu™ Hopper
Self contained loader provides transfer of plastic materials to hoppers and bins or direct to machine throat.
  • Provides machine mount for GV loaders.
  • Pivots for easy draining and cleaning.
  • GVH-10 adds 12" (305mm) to loader height.
Part NumberCapacity*VolumeBody DiameterHeight**Base Flange DiameterStandard Inlet Diameter
GVL-10 10 4.6 .25 7.1 8 20.3 29 73.7 10.4 26.4 1.5 3.8
* Based on material bulk density of 38 lb./ft.3 (609kg/m3)
Recommended throughput: 200 lb./hr. (91 kg)
**Open lid requires additional clearance of 4.25" (10.8cm).