Product ID: TT-248
Temperature Control Unit Compact unit for use with oil up to 200ºC. This model now incorporates the electronic flow control and has both leakstopper and mould drain as a standard
  • Closed hot oil circuit with integral cold oil receiver in large expansion tank - long oil life due to low heater loads/high flow rate
  • Self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperature
  • Connection for optional external thermocouple
  • Leakstopper – operation in pressure or vacuum mode, to allow continuous production despite leakage from mould or connections
  • Automatic mould drain
  • Automatic temperature control - audible alarm sounds when unit deviates outside 5ºC preset (adjustable).
  • Heating switchable in stages Limescale-free heat exchanger
  • No oil cracking
  • No cooling-down required before switching off
  • Safety devices:
    - level control provides auto dry run protection
    - electronic and mechanical safety thermostats
    - audible alarm in case of failure