Access Platforms

Access Platform

Access Platform
Safely extend the reach and height of personnel and improve access to process machine mounted equipment such as blenders, hoppers or loaders. Access elevated work areas, and other hard to reach items with Maguire's sturdy, dependable Access Platforms.
Quality constructed and engineered platforms are available in multiple configurations of height, width, depth, and shapes ("L", "U" or "R") with up to 1500 lbs. capacity. Platforms are modular in design, assembled from bolt-together prefabricated parts. This allows shipping of hundreds of configurations all from stock parts and avoids the expense of custom design and fabrication. Modular construction also allows modification in the field at a later date should your needs change. The platform surface is available in several configurations including flat steel deck plates or a serrated surface that provides slip resistance and allows dirt and debris to fall though. Stairs are equipped with high visibility handrails and the steps are covered in a highly visible, non-slip surface. All platforms are shipped disassembled and use standard hex head bolts and standard tools. All hardware and complete instructions are provided. Platforms can be shipped pre-assembled for an additional charge. Meets or exceeds OSHA standards.
Rectangle configuration
L-Shape configuration
U-Shape configuration
Available in: 2'x3' through 8'x8' with heights: 2, 3, 4 and 5 feet.
Model format should be specified as: M-H-W-D-w-d
M Model R, L or U. R is square or rectangle. L is L shape. U is U shape.
H Height This is the height of the platform deck. Available 2, 3, 4 or 5 feet
W Width 3 to 8 feet in 1 foot increments (side with stairs)
D Depth 2 to 8 feet in 1 foot increments
w cut out width L and U models only. Cutout 2 to 6 feet
d cut out depth L and U models only. Cutout 2 to 6 feet

Pricing for North America Only: if you are located in another region contact your local agent for price and availability.
The table below outlines common rectangle models of different height, width, depth measurements.

2 2 R-232 $1785 R-242 $1905 R-252 $2070 R-262 $2215 R-272 $2360 R-282 $2505
3 R-233 $1985 R-243 $2125 R-253 $2315 R-263 $2480 R-273 $2650 R-283 $2820
4 R-234 $2130 R-244 $2295 R-254 $2505 R-264 $2700 R-274 $2890 R-284 $3085
3 2 R-332 $2000 R-342 $2060 R-352 $2280 R-362 $2425 R-372 $2645 R-382 $2720
3 R-333 $2195 R-343 $2340 R-353 $2525 R-363 $2735 R-373 $2865 R-383 $3030
4 R-334 $2340 R-344 $2510 R-354 $2720 R-364 $2910 R-374 $3105 R-384 $3295
4 3 R-432 $2210 R-442 $2330 R-452 $2495 R-462 $2640 R-472 $2785 R-482 $2930
3 R-433 $2410 R-443 $2550 R-453 $2760 R-463 $2955 R-473 $3075 R-483 $3245
4 R-434 $2550 R-444 $2720 R-454 $2930 R-464 $3125 R-474 $3315 R-484 $3510
L kits allow for assembly with the L extension on the left or the right.
U kits assume the cut out portion is centered between the left and right sides.
Other configurations are possible. Please contact a Maguire representative for details.