The assortment of machinery and equipment for manufacturing brooms, brushes, strip brushes, paint brushes and mops satisfies the needs of the various segments of the Industry such as the household/janitorial segments and technical/industrial segments. The variety of models covers from semi-automatic to completely automated, robotic manufacturing solutions.

Design and production of injection moulds is another offering that completes the range of products. Thanks for the partnership with Techno Plastic and Unimac, specialists in production lines for monofilaments (synthetic brush fibers) and power brush equipment and metal handle manufacturing lines, Borghi is able to satisfy every type of need.

internal Engineering Department allows a high level of personalization to the products. Borghi’s customer rapport is a close collaboration that is stable and friendly which is perfected by Borghi’s post sales service and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts support.
ISO 9001/2000
Borghi spa embraced the principles of the prestigious Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001 since 1999. The achievement of this important certification from DNV, a qualified “Sincert Authority”, is the demonstration that Borghi is committed to providing their customers with products and a level of service that leads the Industry in quality and technology. 
The ensamble of ISO 9000 norms gives guidelines to all aspects of the Company organization in order to enforce the business management and consequently increase management responsability, continual improvement, and performance measurement which improves customer satisfaction.
Starting from the achievement of the first ISO 9001 certification Borghi has done all that is necessary to keep its company structure in line with the highest Quality Standards, successfully achieving the conversion of ISO9001:2000 in November 2002. 

Borghi spa has recently obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Standards edition 2008 so now is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.