ZW-GB700-2 Two Lines Garbage Bag Rolls-Connecting&Dots-Servering Bag Making Machine With Automatic Corless Winder

ZW-B850 Automatic Two Layer Four Lines Vest Bag Making Machine

It's a high capacity no colorvest bag making machine which is adopts four lines,front and back bottom sealing cold cutting punching,finish continuously.DHPE ,LDPE

Type ZW-B850
Bag Width(natural color) 100-350mm*4
Bag Width(printed color) 100-800mm
Bag Length 100*1200mm*4
Production Speed 40-120pcs/min*4
Thickness Film 0.01-0.08mm
Power 15kw
Gross Weight 1800kg
Machine Dimension(l*w*h) 6000*1350*2000mm