ZW-2R600 Automatic Heat-sealing Heat-cutting Vest Bag Making Machine

ZW-Z600/1200 Computer Heat Sealing&Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine

Performance and Characteristics:
It is used for producing all kind of plastic bags such as vest bag,flat bag,printing bag with natural color and printed color. the whole machine adopts microcomputer control and material-pulling by stepping (servo motor control system available for option ).Arbitrary fixed-length,accurate and stable step photoelectirc tracking. Stopping automatically when the color mark is lost ,photoelectric control feeding.Automatic counting and settable counting alarm .Automatic constant temperature makes the sealing of bag opening firm and smoooth.

Model ZW-Z600 ZW-Z1200
Sealing and cutting width 10-550mm 10-1150mm
Sealing and cutting length 100-1200mm 100-1200mm
Sealing and cutting Thickness 0.01-0.30mm 0.01-0.30mm
Bag-making Speed 30-120(pcs/min) 30-120(pcs/min)
Motor Power 1.8kw 2.1kw
Machine weight 600kg 800kg
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) 2600×1180×1600mm 2600×1580×1600mm