top: SHTS/100-Frontseite - bottom: SHTS/100 back side
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So far the power of ceramic panel heaters was limited to 64 kW/ m². This limit is exceeded by the Elstein SHTS/100 super high temperature heater from 64 kW/ m² to 80 kW/ m².

It has a nominal power of 800 W and can continuously operate with temperatures of up to 900 °C.

Infrared radiation areas can be assembled using MTO stainless steel mounting carriers.

SHTS/100 with the dimensions 96 x 96 mm and a surface rating of 80 kW/ m² is a variant of the SHTS heater with the dimensions 122 x 122 mm and a surface rating of 77 kW/ m².

The SHTS radiator belongs to the SHTS Series, which contains 4 standard designs. These standard designs have customary market dimensions.

Information about the 4 designs of SHTS Series can be found here.

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