top / center: IRH/S front side - unten: IRH/S back side
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Elstein IRH/S infrared radiators are ceramic radiators. Their radiating surface is arranged in six small longish and bi-convexly designed radiation surfaces.

The whole radiation surface of IRH/S is also convexly designed with a white glaze.

Such model is more advantageous for the radiation distribution in the room. Additionally also aesthetical requirements in the wellness sector are fulfilled.

The IRH/S radiator is fixed to the reflector by using the Elstein standard socket. Due to this kind of fixing and also due to the outer dimensions of the radiator a relatively simple retro- or backfitting of existing systems is possible.

The thermally insulating inner space of IRH/S has a share in improving the radiator‘s efficiency.

When connected to 230 V the Elstein IRH/S infrared radiators are available in wattages of 150, 200 and 250 W.

Room Heating Datasheet PDF
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