CUTTING & SEWING MACHINE | Jumbo Making Machine | CSBS-30-U
Both Side Stitching / Welding Cutting-Punching Machine (Specially for U - Panel Type Jumbo Bag)

- Model No. CSBS-30-U

Main Feature

- Both Side Ultrasonic Welding for Saving Sewing Thread.
- Equipped Servo Motor for precise cuting length (±1%).
- Equipped High Quality Alloy Steel Cutter.
- Equipped Bag Mouth Anit-Stick Device.
- Punching Unit for "X" Hole and "O" Hole Punch Aailable.

Optional Equipment

- Punching Unit for "X" Hole and "O" Hole Punch

- Cross Cutter (cold Cutter) for Laminated Fabric

Major Specification

  Model CSBS-30-U  

- Stitching / Welding Stitching With Ultrasonic Unit  

- Processing Bag Width 900-1300 mm

- Processing Bag Length 600-9999 mm Applicable

- Production Output Max. 24 bags / minute

*Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.