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HLS Series

Elstein HLS high performance heaters are ceramic infrared rod heaters, which can be used for operating temperatures up to 1000 °C and surface ratings up to 87 kW/ m².

HLS Series heaters have a gold-plated ceramic parabolic reflector and transfer up to 80% of the energy supplied as infrared radiation to the material to be heated.

In this way, HLS heaters allow material temperatures of up to 700 °C or high throughput speeds. The typical operating temperature of 1000 °C is reached in less than one minute.

HLS Series heaters are therefore particularly suitable for use in plant construction in which special solutions have to be drawn up for the customer's specific needs and for applications requiring high outputs.

Elstein HLS high performance heaters are available in two designs with 750 W / 230 V and for pairwise serial connection with 375 W / 115 V.

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