Waste Material Recycling Machine For Vacuum Forming Products

Front Material Inlet

Back Material Inlet
Waste Material Recycling Machine for Vacuum Forming Products - Features:
  • The machine is equipped with two openings. The front opening is online operated with molding machine. The back opening is used for accepting waste material.
  • The material infeed employs take-up roller with speed adjustable combined with buffering dancing rod.
  • When applying a material extractor and cyclone separator, the crushed materials can be immediately recycled and packed.
  • Designed for recycling various vacuum forming wasted, such as PP, PS, GPS, HIPS, OPS...etc.
  • Doors are equipped at four sides of soundproofing chamber, providing convenient inferior cleaning and knife adjustment.
  • The material loader is elevated by pneumatic cylinders for fast and convenient knife replacement, maintenance and cleaning.
  • The soundproofing chamber is equipped with fan for air circulating efficiently, that reduced inside temperature.
  • Emergency stop switch on the control box, combined with safety device on doors for comprehensive safety protection.
Unit: mm
Model LR-730 LR-1030 LR-1180 LR-1030L
15 15 20 30
Take-up roller inlet
90x730 90x1030 90x1180 90x1030
Running blades
9 12 12 12
Fixed Knives
4 8 8 8
Blower motor (HP)
5 5 - 7 1/2 5 - 7 1/2 7 1/2
Take-up roller
Motor (HP)
1/2 1 1 1
Cyclone separator
Ø 500 Ø 500 Ø 500 Ø 600
Production Rate
100~200 200~300 300~400 400~500
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)
520x1520x1620 1800x1520x1620 1950x1520x1620 1900x1700x1850
Machine Weights (kgs)
2000 2500 3000 3500

* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Production rate may be varied with actual operation conditions.