Sheet & Edge Trim Granulator


1 Material Blower
2 Cyclone Separator
3 Take-up Roller Opening

Instant Recycling Edge Trim Granulator
Edge Trim Granulator
(Bag Filling Model)
Universal Powerful Granulator-Features:
  • Available to equip with various optional equipment for automated operations.
  • The machine can be online operated with an extruding machine. Designed for automatic edge waste recycling operations that save time and labor greatly.
  • The material loader is elevated by pneumatic cylinders for fast and convenient knife replacement, maintenance and cleaning.
  • The machine is equipped with two openings. The front opening is operated with take-up roller for automatic material infeed. The back opening is used for accepting waste material.
  • The material suction device combined with cyclone separator at outfeed end permit the crushed material to be filled into bag directly.
LR-150 Instant Recycling Edge Waste Granulator
  • The edge waste blower can be online operated with an extruding machine. The crushed material is then delivered through feed screw to extruding machine for instant recycling that saves labor while upgrading efficiency.
Unit: mm
Model WS-740BR WS-748BR LR-150 LR-200 L-150 L-250
40~50 50~60 3~5 5~7.5 3 3~5
Take-up roller width
90x980 90x1180 150 220 150 250
Infeeding Opening
350x1000 350x1200 Infeed screw 1 HP - -
Rotating knives
12 18 3 3 3 3
Fixed knives
8 8 2 2 2 2
Blower motor (HP)
5~7.5 10 3 3~5 - -
Cyclone separator
Ø600 Ø600 Ø250~300 Ø250~300 - -
Take-up roller
Motor (reducer)
1 HP 1 HP Torgue motor 20 -30 kgf.m
Production Rate
500~800 700~1000 30~70 50~100 30~70 50~100
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)
1950x1860x1850 1950x2060x1850 1200x650x1230 1220x850x1370 830x550x1300 830x550x1300
Machine Weights
3000 3500 350 550 250 350

* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
* Production rate may be varied with actual operation conditions.