Drying&Coler-mixing Machine Series

1. The heated wind in the traditional drier is too difficult to penetrate as it comes from the
2. This machine is of multi-function: Because the materials is rolling in the barrel and the heated wind will transport from the center continuously, so it can reach the united effect of mixing color and drying. If there is no need for drying, this machine can be set the working mode of independent mixing material(color).
3. The drying barrel has double desks (stainless in the inner part) and heat insulation temperature-keeping material in the middle layer, so it can reach the effect of temperature preserving and energy saving.
4. The inner part of the barrel, screw shaft, bobbin, support, feeding port, and material discharging exit are made of stainless materials.
5. This machine offers the function of reverse discharging, which enables the material on the screw to fall back to discharging exit on the bottom that is convenient for discharging operation.


Model Capaciy(kg) Electrothermal Power(Kw) Fan Power(kw) Screw Power(kw) Machine Dimensions L*W*H(mm) Weight(kg)
ZHL-F300 300 9 0.75 2.2 1500*1050*2280 400
ZHL-F500 500 9 0.75 2.2 1600*1100*2460 440
ZHL-F1000 1000 15 1.1 4 1800*1350*3150 610
ZHL-V300 300 2.2 1370*1050*2280 310
ZHL-V500 500 2.2 1450*1100*2460 350
ZHL-V1000 1000 4 1650*1350*3150 520