Water Or Air Cooled Type Industrial Water Chiller Series

Water cooled type
The main fields of application are:
Plastics industry---it can accurately control mould temperature of all kinds of plastics processing, reduce plastifying cycle, and advance output and ensure quality, accelerate product molding, which can ensure product not to be shrinked and distorted and enjoy a high clairvoyance and strong surface luster, therefore, efficiently increase reasonable application solution, cooling of ultrawave solution, it can stabilize metal molecule and also quickly plate the metal molecule onto the surface of plating unit by steady current, increase the density and smoothness of plating efficiently reclaim all kinds of expensive chemicals so as to reduce unnecessary loss and save cost.

Air cooled type
1. “Zhenlong Brand” cooling water chiller adopts compressor in high quality and new design imported from Europe and America and water pomp from famous plant, which features in extreme low noise, strong chilling force, power saving and durability.
2. Precise electronic temperature control system maintain chilled water temperature in the range of +5c—+50c
3. Automatic constant temperature control, can accurately control die temperature, accelerate product molding, reduce producing period, advance output and quality.
4. This machine is installed with the safely devices of current overload protection, high or low voltage handle and electric timing delay, When breakdown happens, it will give off an alarm and display reason to breakdown.
5. It has a good design of evaporator; water can twist and turn inside it , which enable it thoroughly to tack out the chilling output.
6. Open type stainless steel water storage tank can ensure a convenient and quick rinse and maintenance.

Specifications of industrial water chiller
Model UNIT SCT-05 SCY-08 SCY-10 SCY-15 SCY-20
Cooling Capacity WATTS 13700 22940 29890 45170 58097
BUT/HR 47128 78913 102822 154375 199850
Chilling medium R22
Power of compressor motor KW 3.75 6 7.5 11.25 15
HP 5 8 10 15 20
Cooling water capacity CHM 61 85 105 165 220
Water pipe diameter  MM 25(1") 40(1½") 40(1½") 50(1½") 65(1½")
Voltage/phase 380V-400V/3PHASE(50Hz60Hz)
Water tank capacity LITER 60 160 185 360 510
Water pump power KW 0.37 0.75 0.75 0.75 2.2
HP 1/2 1 1 1.5 3
Flow volume of cooling water L/MIN 48 93 93 125 186
Condenser Shell and tube
Evaporator å¹²å¼æ°´ç®±å¼/å¹²å¼å£³ç®¡å¼
Dimension L*W*H(A) MM 960*560*940 1350*700*1250 1350*700*1250 2000*700*120 2100*750*1200
Net weigh(A) KG 173 326 361 400 420