Drawer Type Die Arck Series

1. It can reduce die seeking and changing time, and it can ensure a quick ascending and descending, thus save manpower.
2. It is convenient for die and other heavy articles to place, and won’t occupy so much space.
3. The bearing capacity of each layer of grid plate is 1000kg or 1800kg, the bearing capacity of overhead crane is 1000kg or 1800kg, and it can slide horizontally.
4. There is no limitation on its length, it can be connected with each other according to the place, and it is easy for installation.

Model specification Load L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) E(mm) Drawer Size(mm)
DMJ-1T 3*4 800kg 3100 620 2100 350 900*620
DMJ-1TR 3*4 800kg 3100 1200 2250 900*620
DMJ-2T 3*3 1800kg 3400 800 2100 500 990*800