Fully-automatic Vacuumfeeding Machiner Series

Automatic vacuum type material Feeding Machine is necessary auxiliary machinery in processing industry, it can directly be installed on the different kinds of plastic processing machinery, which conveys granular plastics from storage barrel directly to charging hopper of plastic processing machine. During conveyance, material will not be affected with the damp and pollution, and ensure no any leakage, also realize the feeding automation, which sharply reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency and ensure a reliable safety.

1�It adopts separate design for main machine and material storage barrel, so it safe and convenient.
2�Operation is controlled by MICOM chip
3�Independent filler device is convenient to clean dust.
4�Stainless steel material barrel is light, durable and easy for cleaning.
5�Stainless steel material box is easy for cleaning.
6�Independent control box is easy for maintenance.
7�Auto buzzer for warning lack of materials.
8�Auto protective device for overloading of motor.

Direct-connection Type Automatic Material Feeding Machine
Our company has made a innovation on the Direct-connection Type Automatic Material Feeding Machine, We exclusively design controlling box as integrator microprocessor controlling case, and it can freely extend to control operation, which enables operator to realize the performance of feeding machine by standing on the ground, There is a strong sucking cup on the rear part of electrical case, which can be freely absorbed on any location of main machine, therefore, it can avoid risk and trouble that operator shall climb to the highs for operation.

Model Motor Conveying capacity(kg/hr) Conveying Height(m) Material Hopper capacity(L) Conveying Tube L.D(mm) Weight(kg)
Category Power(kw)
SAL800G Squirrel cage type 1.1 300 4-5 7.5 �38 56
SAL880G Squirrel cage type 1.5 350 6-8 7.5 �38 79
SAL400G Squirrel cage type 0.75 200 3-4 7.5 �38 50
HCW700 Series excited machine 0.9 300 4-6 7.5 �38 32
HCW600A Series excited machine 0.9 300 4-6 7.5 �38 21
HCW600B Series excited machine 0.9 300 4-6 7.5 �38 21