Manipulator Series

Double arm UXF-150g
Design of Fast-Speed die-Change Adjustment
When changing die, you only need to loose bidirectional spanner and unscrew the machine, after work is completed, screw the machine and lock it.
Design of Quick Adjustment of Withdrawal Direction
The change of withdrawing direction (operational side or inverser operational side) only needs 17mm wrentch to lock and unlock nuts again to complete turning angle from 50 to 90 degree.

Horizontal Travelling Structure
It adopts high-rigidity sliding track (LM sliding track) which can advance durability and stability of horizontal, It horizontal travel adopts NC control, which is convenient for confirmation and adjustment of stop location.
Molded Manufacture of clamp
It adopts no contact and proximity switch to confirm, the location can be adjustable.

Single arm UXF-150M
1. Controller has the functions in mould memory, small volume, multiangular and apheliotropic screen, breakdown display, Chinese-English display, formula setting and order placement.
2. There is no need for stop when you make some changes on automatic running.
3. Its linked interface with shooter is in conformity with European regulations (EROMAP 12) and American regulations (SPT)

Model UXF-150 UXF-150G æºç§ UXF-150 UXF-150G
Molding machine's applicable scope 80-150 Minimum take-off time(second) 0.8 1.0
Mainarm Vertical Travel(mm) 550 Minimum Cycle Time(sec) 3.1 3.2
Subarm Vertical Travel(mm) ---- 550 Maximum conveyable weight 1000 1000
Mainarm Strip Travel(mm) 0-100 Working Air Pressure(Kgf/cm²) 4-5 4-5
Subarm Strip Travel(mm) ---- 0-75 Maximum Primary Air Priessure(Kgf/cm²) 9 9
Swing Angle(°) 50-90 Air Consumption(NL/cycle) 5.8 6.5
Mainarm stand-by time 0-120 0-120 Machine weight 28 34
Subarm stand-by time 0-180 0-180 Control mode Programble Controller
Rear-and-front adjustment of main arm 50-390 50-390 Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Rear-and-front adjustment of subarm ---- 50-130 Power Consumptiont 20VA